Bringing distilling
back to Helsinki!


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Whiskey Casks

The Helsinki Distilling Company is proud to offer whiskey lovers a chance to be among the first to purchase our premium hand-crafted whiskey. We are offering both Straight Rye Whiskey and Single-Malt for cask filling.

Our whiskey, made from Finnish rye and barley, yeast and water, is distilled in a beautiful copper still. The matured rye whiskey will have the robust and spicy character that is the hallmark of a true rye whiskey, while our single-malt will have wonderful taste and warm aromas of vanilla, raisins and caramel.

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The Helsinki Distilling Company is the result of the ambitions of three long time friends and eager whiskey enthusiasts, Séamus Holohan, Kai Kilpinen and Mikko Mykkänen. Their passion is to produce premium spirits that people will truly enjoy!

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The Helsinki Distilling company was founded in 2013 and became operational in 2014 as the first distillery in Helsinki for over a century. The distillery is located in Teurastamo, the former abattoir and now the food culture heart of Helsinki. The two-storied historic building’s ground floor houses the distillery whereas on the first floor is our excellent cocktail bar and kitchen called
Tislaamo - Distillery Bar

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Tours & Tastings

The Helsinki Distilling Company offers a full range of distillery experiences from tours to hands-on production. With a tour it is also possible to book a tasting of the products.

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