Buying a cask of whiskey

The Helsinki Distilling Company offers patrons the chance to reserve a limited number of 28 or 55-liter casks.

Casks offered by us are French new oak with a medium toast. This level of toasting contributes favorably to the spirit’s color and brings flavors like vanilla, honey and spice to the fore.

We also offer the possibility of having bespoke casks. Please contact us for more details.

By law whiskey has to mature for at least three years in an oak cask. This time will suffice for the spirit, in the smaller casks, to mature to a fine whiskey. The whiskey in larger casks will take more time to mature and up to five years of storage time is included for the 55 liter casks.

Our master distiller Mikko Mykkänen will follow the maturation of each individual barrel and recommend the optimal bottling time for your cask.


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