The Helsinki Distilling Co.

The distillery is located in the heart of Helsinki’s gastro-culture, Teurastamo, which means abattoir in Finnish. True to it’s name, it served as the city’s slaughterhouse from the 1930s to the 1990s.  The distillery building has seen use as a power plant for 30 years, and afterwards, as a soap factory, a meatball factory, a car wash and a wine cellar.

Today  the home of the first distillery in Helsinki in over 100 years, run by two friends, Kai Kilpinen and Mikko Mykkänen, this little corner in the abattoir district has been producing award winning premium gin, the first local aquavit, applejack from Finnish apples, “lonkero” and of course most importantly, rye and single malt  whiskey since 2014.


The Helsinki Distilling Company is the result of the ambitions of two long time friends and eager whiskey enthusiasts, Kai Kilpinen and Mikko Mykkänen. Their passion is to produce premium spirits that people will truly enjoy!


Mikko has the heart and mind of a distiller. He has the nose for all the subtleties of spirits and an extraordinary skill for making smooth and balanced distillates from almost any ingredients. To further increase his knowledge about distilling, Mikko is currently a post-graduate at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.

CEO / Master Distiller
+358 50 340 0209


As a whiskey and cocktail enthusiast for over 20 years, Kai has a taste for fine spirits. Along with his passion Kai also has a tasting portfolio of over 1000 different spirits. He is responsible for making the blends for the whiskey releases and maturation of the whiskey. His other responsibilities are product and quality development and bespoke distillates.

Master Blender
+358 41 516 4272