Helsinki Long Drink Gin & Yuzu

Helsinki Long Drink Gin & Yuzu is a premium long drink in a bottle. It is created by mixing The Helsinki Distilling Company’s own Helsinki Dry Gin with a bitter sweet grapefruit and aromatic yuzu fruit. The result is a refreshing long drink, that’s at home on sunny terrace as well as in a hip cocktail bar.

Helsinki Long Drink Gin & Yuzu is served chilled straight from the bottle or in a tall glass with plenty of ice.

Helsinki Long Drink Gin & Yuzu is sold in a 33cl clear glass bottle and a 33cl aluminium can. The strength is traditional 5,5% ABV.


The Long Drink is a Finnish tradition derived from the Helsinki Summer Olympics in 1952 – a drink that you can drink whenever, wherever and with whoever you like. In Finland Long Drink stands for, a usually gin-based, Ready-to-Drink cocktail.

The Helsinki Long Drink is inspired by our colorful Helsinki summer which is fresh, fun and bright. Our close relationship with the urban lifestyle of Helsinki and our values derived from the Nordic way of life define us as a brand.


The Helsinki Long Drink is ready to drink – take it outside on a nice summer day or enjoy with your closest friends on a nice night out.