50cl 41,5% ABV

Helsingfors Fiskehamns Akvavit is a smooth and spicy Finnish premium akvavit. Its full taste and beautiful golden colour comes from maturation in oak casks.

Aromatic Helsingfors Fiskehamns Akvavit is the only Finnish akvavit on the market. It is made with superb Finnish caraway, spicy fennel and dill seeds, and fresh lemon peel.

The botanicals are infused in Finnish grain spirit before distillation in a copper still.

After distillation akvavit is matured in oak casks for 12 to 18 weeks. That’s how it gets its uniquely smooth taste.

Helsingfors Fiskehamns Akvavit gets its name from Helsinki, known as Helsingfors in Swedish, and its Kalasatama district, Fiskehamnen in Swedish, where the akvavit is distilled and bottled by hand.

Helsingfors Fiskehamns Akvavit is the perfect schnapps for a seafood dinner or crayfish party – or with an open top herring sandwich. It is best served chilled to fridge temperature, which brings its aromas to the fore. It is also wonderful as a digestive after dinner, chased with a beer or as an ingredient in exciting cocktails.

Helsinki Fiskehamns Akvavit