50cl 43% ABV

Helsinki Applejack is a spirit produced from the best Finnish apples. Northern apple varieties produce an aromatic, fruity distillate, which is then matured for six months in small oak casks. Maturation turns it into sweet and flowery Helsinki Applejack. The freshness of apple is mixed with notes of toffee and vanilla.

Apples used for Helsinki Applejack are sourced from two farms in Southern Finland. Sour apple varieties give distillate its taste, sweet ones the pleasing balance.

The apples are cold-pressed at the farm and the must is then delivered to The Helsinki Distilling Company, where it is fermented into cider.

After distillation, the aromatic apple distillate is placed in small oak barrels, where it will mature for six months. The maturation time is shorter than typically with apple spirits, which is to preserve the unique fresh taste of Finnish apples.

Helsinki Applejack is excellent on its own after dinner, and it pairs especially well with a cup of high quality black tea. It also works perfectly in cocktails or with a splash of tonic and a slice of apple.