Lingonberry Gin Liqueur

50cl 26% ABV

Helsinki Lingonberry Gin Liqueur is a novel style of a liqueur that combines Finnish lingonberries and gin in a completely new way.

Helsinki Lingonberry Gin Liqueur honours the exceptional Finnish nature by using only whole aromatic lingonberries from Finland. Their deep aroma blends with company’s own Helsinki Dry Gin. The refined taste of the liqueur comes from a long infusion period of the berries and its gin base.

Handcrafted and patiently infused Helsinki Lingonberry Gin Liqueur is a tribute to the high quality of Finnish workmanship.

Helsinki Lingonberry Gin Liqueur is excellent on its own after a good meal or served chilled with soda as an aperitif. It is also perfect for cocktails, as it’s less sugary than most liqueurs.

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