Release #10

Helsinki Whiskey Rye Malt Release #10 comes from a vatting of three casks. Master Blender Kai Kilpinen has chosen the casks. Whiskey has at first matured in 200-liter American virgin oak casks (Char level 1). The whiskey has been matured for three years. After maturing the whiskey has been transferred to small 50-60 liter ex-Oloroso Sherry casks for finishing. Finishing takes about four months. Finishing in Oloroso casks brings a deep sweetness that highlights the herbal characters of the rye. Release #10 consist of 380 individually numbered bottles. Release date was 6.2.2019.

Tasting notes


Vanilla and fig jam from the Oloroso cask, malted rye and freshly baked rye loaf from the distillate. Malts and dark chocolate.


Rich mouthfeel. Aroma has notes of vanilla, figs, caramel, licorice and chocolate. Fruity elements are balanced by the malted barley.


Long, it lingers on the insides of the cheeks. Herbal spiciness of rye whiskey is evident.

Cask: American Virgin Oak, Oloroso Finish
Release: #10
Volume: 50cl
Alc vol: 47,5%
Bottle no: xxx/370
Notes: Winter Release 2019
Oloroso Finish