Release #21

Helsinki Whiskey Rye Malt Release #21 is a special, 270 bottle limited release for 2021 Suomalaisen Viskin Päivä (Finnish Whiskey Day). It is a single cask bottling of American virgin oak (char #3) selected by Master Blender Kai Kilpinen. This cask is one of the few from an experimental mash-bill made with malted rye (70%) and crystal malt (30%). The whiskey has been matured for five years. Bottles are individually numbered.

Release date is 12.5.2021.

Tasting notes


Vanilla and fudge from the virgin oak cask, malted rye and freshly baked rye loaf from the distillate. Malts and cocoa with hint of citrus.


Rich mouthfeel. Aroma has notes of vanilla, dried pears and figs, caramel, licorice, herbs, buttered toast and dark chocolate. Crystal malt gives gentle extra sweetness.


Long, it lingers on the insides of the cheeks. Spiciness of rye whiskey is evident.

Cask: American Virgin Oak, Single Cask
Release: #21
Volume: 50cl
Alc vol: 53,2%
Bottle no: –
Notes: Suomalaisen Viskin Päivä 2021, Limited Release, 5 Years Old, Crystal Malt

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