Lingonberry Gin Liqueur

50cl 26% ABV

Puolukka Gin-Likööri is a new style of a liqueur that combines Finnish lingonberries and gin in a completely new way. The combination is more than a sum of its parts, a taste that hails straight out of primeval Finnish forests.

Puolukka Gin-Likööri honours the exceptional Finnish nature by using only whole aromatic lingonberries from Finland. Their deep aroma blends with Helsinki Dry Gin, a prize-winning product of Finnish distilling talent. The unusually refined taste of the liqueur comes from a long infusion period of the berries and its gin base.

Handcrafted and patiently infused Puolukka Gin-Likööri is a tribute to the high quality of Finnish workmanship, as well as the golden age of Finnish design.

Puolukka Gin-Likööri is excellent on its own after a good meal or served chilled with soda as an aperitif. It is also perfect for cocktails, as it is less sugary than most liqueurs.