Sea-Buckthorn Gin Liqueur

50cl 26% ABV

Tyrni-Gin Likööri (Sea-Buckthorn Gin Liqueur in English) is a special liqueur made with gin and sea-buckthorn berries. The combination is more than the sum of its parts. It’s a flavour straight out of the Finnish archipelago.

Only the plumpest and juiciest sea-buckthorn berries go into producing the liqueur. Their aroma blends with company’s own Helsinki Dry Gin. The refined flavour of the liqueur comes from a long infusion period of the berries and its gin base.

Tyrni-Gin Likööri is excellent on its own after a good meal or served chilled with soda as an apéritif. It’s also perfect for cocktails as it is less sweet than most liqueurs.

Tyrni Gin Likööri