The People

The Helsinki Distilling Company is the result of the ambitions of two long time friends and eager whiskey enthusiasts, Kai Kilpinen and Mikko Mykkänen. Their passion is to produce premium spirits that people will truly enjoy!

Mikko Mykkänen

CEO / Master Distiller
+358 50 340 0209

Mikko has the heart and mind of a distiller. He has the nose for all the subtleties of spirits and an extraordinary skill for making smooth and balanced distillates from almost any ingredients. To further increase his knowledge about distilling, Mikko is currently a post-graduate at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Kai Kilpinen

Master Blender
+358 41 516 4272

As a whiskey and cocktail enthusiast for over 20 years, Kai has a taste for fine spirits. Along with his passion Kai also has a tasting portfolio of over 1000 different spirits. He is responsible for making the blends for the whiskey releases and maturation of the whiskey. His other responsibilities are product and quality development and bespoke distillates.


"Good enough" is not really good enough

Since the beginning our starting point has been to craft drinks as good as we ever can and always aim to make the finest products the world has ever seen (or tasted). We believe that if you don’t strive for your absolute best with every product, every single time, it is better to not make it at all.

Tradition is highly valued here at The Helsinki Distilling Company but at the same time we don’t let it be a burden. This leaves room for out-of-the-box thinking – to be inspired by the past but define the future ourselves, and innovate new ideas and methods we think work the best.

The power of the people

The Helsinki Distilling Company is truly a close-knit family. Here everything is done together as a team and everyone has their special place as a part of our community that is driven by respect, caring and good vibes. Family doesn’t only consider our fantastic employees but also our hard-working distributors and partners all over. At the end of the day we want that every single one in our family can be damn proud to be associated with our products and actions.

The taste

Our philosophy of taste is led by two factors: simplicity and balance. The key to crafting finest spirits is to respect the highest quality ingredients and use them only when they add their specific character to the end result. Balance plays the other significant part in the mix. Just like in gourmet cooking the perfection is achieved by a careful, harmonious balance of the elements – no one thing can overpower the ensemble of flavors. The ultimate deliciousness potential of a spirit is achieved by this same ideology of balance.

Sustainable distilling

Sustainability is built to the core of The Helsinki Distilling Company. We take part in different circular economy projects, such as delivering the used mash to be converted into biogas. Our manufacturing process uses biogas as the source of energy and utilizes energy recovery effectively: the cooling water used in distillation is used in the mashing process without the need to heat the water separately.

Our Tahko distillery is focused on organic production and uses the best ingredients available in the surrounding nature.

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