The Helsinki Distilling Company Engages as Beverage Partner for the 2024 MICHELIN Guide Ceremony Nordic Countries

The Helsinki Distilling Company, Finland’s internationally acclaimed craft distillery, is partnering with the 2024 MICHELIN Guide Ceremony Nordic Countries. Located at the Helsinki Tukkutori, the distillery is Helsinki’s only premium-class destination specializing in the production, aging, and flavor profile of whiskies, gins, long drinks, and other alcoholic beverages, offering a comprehensive culinary tourism experience where visitors can also enjoy the services of a high-quality distillery restaurant. Through this partnership with the MICHELIN Guide Ceremony, The Helsinki Distilling Company will have the opportunity to showcase its products and services not only to international food and restaurant influencers but also to enhance Helsinki’s attractiveness as a culinary destination.
A crucial part of Helsinki’s culinary tourism map is the city’s only distillery and historical whisky cellar, where top-quality Finnish rye whisky matures. In addition to hundreds of oak barrels, the cellar features meeting and event spaces as well as a bar area designed for whisky tasting and exploring a diverse range of flavors. The vaulted cellar’s thick walls are constructed from natural stone blocks, making it a unique space in the international whisky world. Collaborating with the City of Helsinki and the MICHELIN Guide provides the distillery with a unique opportunity to introduce itself to the international media and the brightest talents of the Nordic restaurant scene.
“Every culinary city includes a distillery. We are extremely proud not only of our products but also of the environment in which they are distilled and aged. Our magnificent cellar, dating back to the late 1860s, is a unique space even on a Nordic scale, and by partnering with the 2024 MICHELIN Guide Ceremony Nordic Countries, we now can present ourselves in the best possible company,” says Mikko Mykkänen, Master Distiller and CEO of The Helsinki Distilling Company, adding:
“Helsinki has done a tremendous job in hosting the Nordic MICHELIN Guide Ceremony. The event will turn the culinary world’s attention to Helsinki, so it is an honor for us to contribute to the success of the overall experience. At the same time, we get the opportunity to attract new fans of premium products to our own Helsinki brand.”

Helsinki’s First Distillery in Over a Hundred Years
In addition to award-winning whiskies, gins, and long drinks, Helsinki’s distillery complex is a unique international destination.
“Helsinki is an attractive culinary destination, which also includes its own drink production. The city’s flagship distillery has created its local style. Hyper-local production and new innovations have propelled our distillery’s drinks onto the list of the world’s most interesting beverages. Now we get to showcase its operations and offerings, propelled by the stardust brought by the Michelin event,” says Tourism Director Nina Vesterinen from the City of Helsinki, continuing: “In addition to intriguing beverages, The Helsinki Distilling Company has built an experiential tourism package around its operations. Visitors can witness the journey of grain from field to glass and learn how fine spirits are crafted and enjoyed. A high-quality distillery is also capable of enhancing the city’s reputation, making it an excellent partner for us and the MICHELIN Guide Ceremony.”

Whisky from the World’s Best Rye
Finland is not traditionally known for whisky production, although distilling has long traditions in this vast country known for its forests and nature. Operating in the heart of Helsinki since 2013, The Helsinki Distilling Company is the first and only distillery in Helsinki in over a century, initially starting its commercial operations by producing artisan gin. The first whiskies were ready in 2016 and have since earned their place among rye whisky enthusiasts. Now, the distillery has made 27 whisky releases, and its first 10-year-old rye whisky will be released in August 2024.
The Helsinki Distilling Company is primarily known as a creative, small-batch distillery focusing on high-quality craft products. The distillery has won competitions with its spirits in Europe, Asia, and America. Master Distiller Mikko Mykkänen was named Europe’s Most Innovative Distiller in 2018 (Destille Berlin).
“Finland grows the world’s best rye, and it deserves a fitting refinement. However, the journey of whisky from field to glass is long, as its maturation takes years. We have found our own recipe and path into the hearts of whisky enthusiasts. Our operations are now facilitated by our large and secure cellar, making it easy to mature whiskies to a ripe age. During distillery tours, visitors can get up close to our whiskies and flavors and taste the harmonious combinations of drinks and paired dishes,” says Master Distiller Mikko Mykkänen.
The Helsinki Distilling Company Facts:
• Helsinki’s first and only distillery, established in 2013.
• Winner of dozens of awards for whiskies and gins, including IWSC, ISW, CSB
• The Helsinki Distilling Company’s products are exported to over 20 countries.
• The distillery’s whisky cellar was built in the 1860s from locally quarried natural stones.
• The whisky cellar also houses meeting and event spaces for 50 people and a tasting bar.
• In addition to whisky made from domestic rye, the distillery produces gin, aquavit, sea buckthorn moonshine, gin liqueur, Helsinki long drinks, and other innovative alcoholic beverages.
• Distillery tours open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays at 6:00 p.m., otherwise by appointment. The tour includes an introduction to the distillery and cellar, as well as whisky tasting.
• The distillery restaurant offers casual food, excellent spirits, and exciting cocktails from Wednesday to Saturday.
Distillery address: Työpajankatu 2a R3, 00580 Helsinki, separate guidance for the cellar.

Contact Information
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