Whiskey in a Cask!

The Helsinki Distilling Company offers whiskey friends a chance to purchase a cask of premium hand-crafted Rye or Single Malt whiskey from Helsinki or organic whiskey from Tahko. Satisfaction guarantee included, of course.

By reserving a cask you get

  • To choose the whiskey, cask fill and maturation time
  • To take part in filling of the cask
  • a cask certificate
  • an invitation to cask owners’ annual party
  • a regular access to keep track of the maturation and taste
  • an individual label for your bottles

The Whiskey Distillates

Choose from one of the following. We are happy to guide you in your choice of distillates and cask types.

  • Rye Malt
  • 100 % Rye Malt
  • Single Malt

Cask types

Select your cask type.

  • 28L French
  • 55L French
  • 64L American
  • 64L American Ex-oloroso
  • 190L American virgin oak or 1st fill
  • 225L American Ex-sherry

Each oak cask gives the whiskey its own individual aroma and personality that can’t be exactly predefined. That in itself is one of the finesses of making whiskey.

Our master distiller will guide you with the choice of the cask and answer all your questions regarding how different types affect the development of whiskey’s character.


Depending on the cask type the maturation takes from 3 to 7 years. The whiskey is matured in a special warehouse, where we follow each cask’s maturation regularly. Whiskey needs to mature in cask for a minimum of three years. In small casks this is sufficient, in bigger ones it takes longer. Our master distiller Mikko Mykkänen follows the maturation of every cask and will suggest the optimal time to bottle your whiskey.

Interested in ordering your very own whiskey cask?

We are happy to give you more information about our process and possibilities. Contact us!


The Helsinki Whiskey Cellar

A world-class whiskey maturing cellar and unique event space

Located in a 160-year old cellar in the heart of the Helsinki Gastro Culture, The Helsinki Whiskey Cellar is something truly unique. The Cellar hosts tours, tastings, small events as well as the opportunity to buy your own cask of whiskey.

Visit the cellar