Helsinki Akvavit

Helsinki Akvavit is a smooth and spicy Finnish premium akvavit. Its full taste and beautiful golden colour comes from maturation in oak casks.

Aromatic Helsinki Akvavit is made with superb Finnish caraway, spicy fennel and dill seeds, and fresh lemon peel. The botanicals are infused in Finnish grain spirit before distillation in a copper still. Helsinki Akvavit is matured in different types of oak casks for a few months. That’s how it gets its uniquely smooth and refreshing taste.

Helsinki Akvavit gets its name from Helsinki, where the it is distilled and bottled by hand. As a guarantee of quality every numbered bottle comes with the signature of our Master Distiller Mikko Mykkänen.


Akvavit is a traditional nordic drink which is often seen as an important part of festive gatherings, such as Christmas and Midsummer celebrations. It’s roots date back to the 15th century.

The Helsinki Akvavit is our modern take on the classic drink.


Helsinki Akvavit is the perfect schnapps for a seafood dinner or crayfish party – or drink one with an open top herring sandwich, delicious! It is best chilled to fridge temperature, which brings its aromas to the fore. It is also wonderful as a digestive after dinner, chased with a beer or as an ingredient in exciting cocktails.