Helsinki Sailor’s Gin

Helsinki Sailor’s Gin’s strong taste comes from hand-picked, carefully selected spices and Finnish lingonberries. Helsinki Sailor’s Gin has a potent bouquet of juniper and citrus and is thus excellent for cocktails.

Helsinki Sailor’s Gin uses the same botanicals as the award-winning Helsinki Dry Gin, but the ratio has been amended to better suit the higher alcohol content. In addition to Finnish lingonberries, aromatic juniper berries from the Balkan and Mediterranean lemon and Seville orange peel give the gin its distinctive taste. Other spices include fennel, coriander, iris, root of angelica and a hint of rose petals.


Suomen Joutsen (the Swan of FInland) sailed the seas for over 50 years and is one of the most famous ships in the Finnish naval history. In the 1930’s, Suomen Joutsen visited ports from Helsinki all the way to Panama, Chile and Argentina and has many stories to tell. Helsinki Sailor’s Gin is an homage to brave sailors ans seafarers of their time.

The blue label highlights the connection with sea and sailors. The model for the rudder on the label comes from Suomen Joutsen, perhaps the most famous ship in Finnish naval history.


Although Helsinki Sailor’s Gin is especially well suited for cocktails and other concoctions, it is also great on its own. The most classic of the navy strength gin cocktails is probably Pink Gin, in which Helsinki Sailor’s gin fits like a mainsail on a boom. It also makes a wonderful Gin & Tonic