Helsinki Tyrnipontikka

Helsinki Tyrnipontikka combines Finnish berries and European distilling tradition in a completely new way.

The pomace of sea-buckthorn berries, left over from producing the Tyrni-Gin Likööri (Sea Buckthorn Gin Liqueur), is first fermented into a mash and then distilled into a distinctive brandy. It is a variation of the same process that is used to make grappa in Italy or marc in France, but instead of grapes the sea-buckthorn berry is used. The result is a smooth, aromatic drink that combines tradition with innovation.


The name of the drink, Pontikka – a traditional homemade spirit, is a nod to Finnish spirit-making tradition, but piques the interest with a novel combination of ingredients and style. It is a totally unique spirit.

Finnish moonshine has been produced since the 16th century. In Helsinki, Pontikka-smuggling was common during 1919 – 1930 prohibition law. Complete ban of alcohol products took the production to hidden rural areas of Finland. The production slowly declined in 1960’s but the tradition still remains.


Helsinki Tyrnipontikka is perfect with an espresso after a meal, or on its own. It can also be used in various cocktails.