50cl 41,7% ABV

Helsinki Tyrnipontikka combines Finnish berries and European distilling tradition in a completely new way.

The pomace of sea-buckthorn berries, left over from producing the Tyrni-Gin Likööri (Sea Buckthorn Gin Liqueur), is first fermented into a mash and then distilled into a distinctive brandy. It is a variation of the same process that is used to make grappa in Italy or marc in France, but instead of grapes the sea-buckthorn berry is used. The result is a smooth, aromatic drink that combines tradition with innovation.

The name of the drink, pontikka, a traditional homemade spirit, is a nod to Finnish spirit-making tradition, but piques the interest with a novel combination of ingredients and style. It is a totally unique spirit.

Helsinki Tyrnipontikka is perfect with an espresso after a meal, or on its own. It can also be used in various cocktails.

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